With more than 100 active projects, a 70,000 square foot national headquarter facility, a 100,000 square foot distribution center, and accumulative revenue exceeding $1 billion dollars, Power Design is one of the top electrical contractors in the United States. Having recently opened a 12,000 square foot training center used for core training and hands-on simulation experiences to provide real-life applications, Power Design is in the forefront of innovative training practices and techniques.

Since founded in 1989, Power Design has operated as a family-run business built on an un-bending foundation of quality service and loyalty to our employees and customers. Our commitment to customer service has enabled us to partner with the top 100 general contractors as ranked by Engineering News-Record (ENR).

We at Power Design remain committed to providing a quality product and excellent customer service. While our growth is a part of our culture, business decisions are made based on long term relationships and commitment, not profit margins. Partnering with Power Design means having a team member on board that seeks to create successful, innovative projects, delivered on time and on budget.



Tour The Power Design Corporate Headquarters

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Project Spotlight


Power Design recently completed a 45,000 square foot build-out project for CoreSite, a Tier 4 data center designed to meet the stringent security...

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