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How Did You Get Hired?

I met a group from Power Design at a campus career fair during my senior year of college. As an Engineering major, I was interested in working in the construction industry. They told me about the different career opportunities for new grads, so I applied for the Project Engineer position. After the interview, I realized Power Design offered exactly what I wanted - exciting projects and a solid career track. Two years later, I'm working at a jobsite in South Florida, and I'm getting invaluable experience.

Career Highlights

  • Attending all customer and construction coordination meetings.
  • Working with vendors to strategically schedule material deliveries and returns.
  • Scheduling inspections and ensuring that the jobsite has proper material to stay on schedule.
  • Experiencing a deck pour on the 35th floor of a high-rise building. This is pretty exciting!
  • Training (about 30% of my day) and shadowing various positions to gain a complete understanding of the construction process.
  • Working on a high-rise condo overlooking the ocean is awesome!

What’s Your Career Path?

There are a couple of different career paths for Project Engineers at Power Design. If I decide to stay in the field, I can train to become a Project Superintendent on different jobsites. I can also transfer to corporate headquarters to work as an Estimator or a Project Manager. Either way, there are a lot of opportunities here for advancement!

Career Profiles

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