Mitch Permuy

Power of 1 is about the power of one decision, one action, one united team... one saved life. It’s about how the decisions we make every day impact us as individuals, impact our families, our friends and the communities we serve.

Driving comes with great responsibility, and each of us has the power to make a positive change and a powerful commitment to safety every time we get behind the wheel. Make the one decision not to text while driving, the one decision not to email while driving and the one decision not to drink and drive.

One decision can change everything. Decide to drive.

–Mitch Permuy CEO of Power Design

1 safe driver

Every year distracted driving leads to the injury of approximately 400,000 Americans
— and more than 3,000 fatalities. Impaired driving leads to another 10,000 fatalities.

One safe driver has the power to save lives. Pledge to never leave driving to chance.


Take The Pledge

I promise to drive safe and sober, and to protect lives by encouraging
my friends and family to not drive while distracted or impaired.

I pledge to not leave safety to chance.

We are proud to announce that we reached our goal of 1,000 pledges on 9.11.15 and have donated $10,000 to the End Distracted Driving charity through Project V5!


The time it takes to read one text message at 55 mph is equivalent to
driving the length of an entire football field... blindfolded.


One drink can slow your reaction time by 25% and double your
chance of being involved in a car crash.


One phone call while driving makes you 4 times more likely to crash.


Answering emails or texting while driving increases the chances of a crash by 23%.