Posted: 1/15/2020

To Our #PDIFamily,

As many of you know, Power Design was recently involved in a lawsuit with the D.C. Office of the Attorney General. We have now reached a settlement in the lawsuit and would like to take a moment to provide clarity on this matter to our #PDIFamily.

Power Design always puts our team members first, whether they are our own employees or workers associated with our subcontractors. This lawsuit involved two former subcontractors who PDI worked within the District, alleging that they did not properly pay workers on certain projects.

While those impacted were not direct employees of Power Design, our core values drove us to actively seek out the impacted workers and make sure they were properly compensated for their hard work immediately. And now through this settlement, we have legally ensured that as well.

We are pursuing legal action against the offending companies.  In the wake of this situation, we now require stronger assurances from our subcontractors that they are in strict compliance with all local requirements. We appreciate all of the people who contribute to our success, and these precautions will help us ensure that workers are fairly compensated moving forward.

We are committed to providing a plusONE experience to our staff and customers in D.C. and look forward to continued investment in the development of industry apprentices, focusing on trade advocacy, and supporting the D.C. community.