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For the second year in a row, Power Design has been named an Achievers 50 Most Engaged Workplace and one of the Elite 8 for rewards and recognition. We were honored to accept the nomination at the awards gala in September!

Morgan Permuy, employee engagement manager, spoke on the Sized for Success: How to Engage Workforces of All Sizes panel during the Achievers conference. She highlighted some of the best practices, strategies, and initiatives we have in place to enhance employee engagement, specifically through our internal recognition tool, ‘rave’. She also touched on the positive impact high visibility to team accomplishments has had on internal culture for all of our employees (local and remote) across the nation.

“I’m most proud of our employees and how they’ve embraced the rave culture! Raving has become a part of our day-to-day norm, so now whenever someone talks about an accomplishment, the first thing we ask is whether they’ve raved about it.

Driving a positive change like this starts at the top, and management has been the biggest advocates for engagement on rave. Our CEO logs in every day to applaud our employees’ achievements; it’s exciting to see when he responds with a funny GIF or when anyone on the leadership team recognizes you just by saying ‘Great job!’. It’s great motivation and an overall amazing thing to see and be a part of!”

It’s only our first year with rave, but we’re excited to see where the future of the platform continues to take us!

rave is an internal social recognition tool just for the #PDIFamily where we can recognize each other for achievements, values, outstanding performance and everyday excellence! Made possible by Achievers.

I'm most proud of our employees and how they've embraced the rave culture!

Morgan Permuy

employee engagement mgr