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    July 31, 2020

    Our Next Chapter

    Mitch and Dana set out 31 years ago to do things differently, building relationships and creating exceptional experiences for developers and GCs. Along the way, they cultivated an amazing place to work where people are proud to be, and feel like family.

    Their focus on creating a business that is built to last included the organic growth of both their business, and the people who make it successful. The executive team is no exception, and with a combined tenure of nearly 100 years, this group of leaders has the experience to take the company to the next level as Mitch and Dana excitedly take the next step of moving into co-chairman roles.

    “The executive team’s mission is to build and fiercely protect the culture, values, and client relationships that make Power Design so special,” said chairman, Mitch Permuy.

    “They’ve been an instrumental part of our evolution over the last 10+ years and we are confident that they will continue that success,” added Dana Permuy, co-chair.

    Frank Musolino has been named as the new Chief Executive Officer. Frank’s passion for Power Design’s employee-first culture, together with his collaborative hands-on approach and industry experience, is the perfect foundation to lead the company into the next chapter.

    With Frank moving into the CEO role, we are proud to announce that Joe Micallef is now our Chief Operating Officer. His commitment to operational excellence and strong connection to Power Design’s team make him the ideal fit to run operations.