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    August 4, 2020

    Simplifying Life During Complicated Times

    Power Design’s home automation technology is on the rise!

    As we continue to adapt to the challenges of a global pandemic, residents are relying more on in-home technology than ever before. From Zoom meetings that depend on strong wi-fi signal, to in-home entertainment replacing traditional social gatherings, technology and automation are quickly becoming a necessity vs. a luxury. Residents expectations are shifting, putting pressure on developers to stay ahead of the curve while making systems reliable and easy to use.

    Power Design’s SmartSpaces technology provides buyers and renters the ability to totally control their living environment with an app, a keypad, a remote or touch panel. With TVs that drop down from ceilings, videos that appear in mirrors, invisible speakers that provide crystal clear sound and so much more, these futuristic systems may seem intimidating or distracting. But the goal of SmartSpaces is to simplify life, especially during a time when everything else is complicated. Residents can instantly set the mood for every room at the touch of a button, controlling lighting, temperature, window treatments, A/V and security. They can enjoy the convenience of an in-home theater and entertainment space to maximize the experience of staying home these days. And developers can depend on Power Design as a full-service partner, pre-wiring units during the construction phase to avoid repairs or delays while seamlessly coordinating with the rest of the building’s MEP scope.

    Power Design has been committed to technology and systems integration since before the pandemic began, and the company is leveraging it more than ever now. “There is a unique opportunity to keep our culture and values intact while becoming a disruptor in the construction industry,” said Power Design’s newly appointed CEO, Frank Musolino. “We are pushing boundaries through integrated project delivery to scale our amazing electrical and systems business across the entire MEP space,” he added.