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    January 1, 2022

    Why Unify - Part 3: Owning the Outcomes

    Why Unify: The Drivers Behind Our Unified Project Delivery Approach

    Part 3: Owning the Outcomes

    While the conversation wrapped up between Lemaster, Zeltser and Musolino, the big picture began to take shape as to why these drivers behind UPD matter. The shift to a Unified Project Delivery method for Power Design’s electrical, mechanical, plumbing and systems technology services allows teams to do one very important thing – own the outcomes.

    We don’t just look out for our own scopes because we all live and die by the project's overall success. We have an inherent responsibility to raise our hand and vocalize if we see issues along the way.”

    Misha Zeltser |

    Senior VP of Engineering

    We’re willing to take on more than the average partner to ensure overall project success. For example, our 208,000-square-foot prefab and distribution warehouse is something that benefits the entire project— affording workers the ability to pre-assemble jobsite installations in a quality-controlled environment.

    “It’s much easier to access additional resources this way,” explained Zeltser.

    “Be it additional labor to help with production or having the ability to learn better ways to assemble with engineering, VDC and operations experts right there. It’s easier to collaborate and make real-time adjustments versus having to navigate that on the jobsite.”

    “That’s right. We can produce better quality products, standardize assemblies, and stay out of the way of other trades,” added Musolino. “We’re taking some burden off the local markets, off of the jobsite, and controlling the results better.”

    Reflecting on the points made throughout their coffee table chat, the team expressed excitement for what lies ahead. In an industry that tends to look back, Power Design’s leaders are looking ahead. They’re designing what’s next by investing in the processes, technologies, and resources needed to provoke change within construction and redefine the way we look at the trades.

    When you have a holistic stake in the project, you can really align yourself with your partners and products. And that’s why we unify.

    Frank Musolino |


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