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Our commitment to core values drives our people to do things differently and level up at Power Design. We put these words into action by bringing to life the LINK — our 208,000 square-foot distribution and prefabrication center — to streamline the supply chain, increase quality of products, control production timelines, and reduce labor and material risks (to name a few)!

Throughout the last year of the LINK being up and running, our prefab team’s hard work has paid off and earned a well-deserved certification. We’re excited to announce that our prefab electrical assemblies are now certified by Underwriter’s Laboratories (UL), the nation’s leading safety testing and evaluation agency — making Power Design one of 123 in the nation to have a QQYZ certification!

I'm so proud of the passion and time our entire team has put in to continue taking prefab at Power Design to the next level.

Rick Grover |

Vice President of Prefabrication

By breaking records and earning certifications like these, we’ll continue leading the industry through our prefab expertise and upholding top tier standards. Day in and day out, our team members at the LINK have set the stage for what they are able to accomplish, and over the last year they’ve produced 155,262 assemblies, including 7,925 electrical panels and 5,065,030 feet of wire (more than 955 miles worth of wire)!

The LINK will continue to save costs for the field, expand our abilities, and add value any way we can.

Richard Martin |

Warehouse Manager

Our #PDIFamily has already accomplished so much at the LINK, and we can’t wait to see what the next year holds!