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    Setting the Highest Standards

    Power Design goes well beyond the established standards to create our own benchmarks of safety and quality.

    setting highest standards

    Quality Driven by Passion and Best Practices

    Power Design actively recruits, coaches, and trains with quality in mind. Additionally, we've developed Best Practices, which are methods and guides —that go beyond code— to construct in a way that optimize quality, durability, and time. 

    These Best Practices are our signature, and a consistent trademark across the nation.

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    Zeroed-In on Safety

    Zero distractions. Zero incidents. Zero fatalities.

    Safety is woven into our culture and drives our decision-making on the job site and within the workplace. Our exclusive Zero-In Safety Program focuses in on job site safety with layers of assurance—eliminating risks where we can. 

    That's why we boast an impressive 0.68 Experience Modification Rate, well below the industry average of 1.0. 

    babybolts red

    The Highest Standards

    We follow our own set of Best Practice specifications, elevating our work well beyond code, advancing the skills of our teams, and creating better experiences for our partners.

    Trade-Specific Licenses While many states don’t require journeyman licenses for specific field roles, we do. This delivers quality, safety, and consistency across our job sites.
    Data and Tech Equipped We use technology and data models that identify characteristics of success at key stages so that we can proactively respond and perform better.
    Design-Minded Construction We're Contractors who think like Engineers, and Engineers who think like Contractors. Our design mindset offers better solutions and added value.
    Committed to Safety Power Design requires weekly job site safety inspections nationwide. We also perform random safety inspections in addition to our regular QC checks, all contributing to better, safe builds.
    OSHA 30 Certification All our team members are OSHA 30 certified before their boots hit the job site. This helps us reduce incident rates on the job site, and increase the baseline of safety across our teams.
    First Aid & CPR Certification By the end of 2023, every Power Design field leader will be certified to recognize and respond to emergency situations that may occur on the job.

    Recognized for Excellence

    Atlantic Crossing Building III-1

    "You have provided us with an excellent, excellent team! We couldn't be happier. They're very professional, good with problem-solving, and always ahead of the game. The quality of their products delivered is extremely good, too. The project is being managed very well by a great team!"

    Partner // Delray Beach, FL


    "Our mission is to create a culture where safety is above everything else. We know the job has to get done, and that the nature of what we do comes with inherent pressure - but nothing is more important than everyone getting home safe."

    James W. // Director of Safety and Quality Control

    Oasis Pointe Bruan Multifamily-1

    “When it comes to the field, Power Design is the premier contractor to work with on a job. We have a tremendous relationship with Power Design, the team practically feels like family. I have worked with you all for most of the jobs that I've been on, and I appreciate their relationship.”

    Partner // Miami, FL

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