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    It’s time to catapult your career. No matter your background or experience, our apprenticeship programs are the gateway to unlocking endless professional potential – and we’re ready to hand you the keys. From mentors who are invested in your growth to dynamic projects that offer immersive learning opportunities, you’ll have everything you need to embark on the journey to your future.
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    Propel Your Career

    It Starts With Apprenticeship

    An apprenticeship is more than just on-the-job training. It’s a rocket ship ready to launch you into the stratosphere of the construction industry. You bring your hunger to learn, and we’ll bring the trade fundamentals, no-cost education, like-minded peers, and high-tech tools to help build your skills from the ground up – literally.

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    Our Founder's
    Apprenticeship Journey

    Before Mitch Permuy founded Power Design alongside his wife, Dana, he got his start in the industry as an apprenticeship. The fundamentals he learned over those four years set the foundation for the success of our company all these years later. To this day, Mitch still calls upon the pillars he learned during his apprenticeship as he serves as our Chief Executive Officer. Learn more about his journey below.

    babybolts red Why Apprenticeship?

    What's In It for You

    Zero School Debt Bye-bye, tuition fees! As a Power Design apprentice, you’ll never have to pay for your schooling. We cover all the costs for your construction coursework.
    High Earning Potential While college career paths can take years before you begin money-making, apprenticeships allow you to earn while you learn – right out of the gate.
    Making Your Mark We believe our world is what we make of it. Join a team of people who like to dream big and build better – to create thriving spaces and communities for all.
    Guiding Your Growth Our seasoned pros are here to share their experience and knowledge with you, every step of the way. And before you know it, you’ll be an expert in your own right.
    Culture of Comradery Teamwork makes the dream work. Day in and day out, you’ll be working alongside passionate partners, building relationships that last a lifetime.
    Tools and Tech From stacking that toolbelt to downloading the latest tech, we’ll make sure you have everything you need on the jobsite and in the classroom.
    Building the Next Generation Workforce
    Build From Within

    Welcome to PowerU

    We’re so passionate about the power of apprenticeships, we built our own federally registered program to help grow the next wave of construction leaders. With PowerU, you’ll learn the PDI way right away, setting you up for long-term success here. All courses are taught online (plus trips to our headquarters for hands-on training!) and led by our own full-time instructors, whose sole job is to support your growth. Once you complete the program, you'll be ready to test for your license and on the path to leadership!

    Industry Programs

    A Partner to You

    Thousands of trade professionals have earned their construction credentials through nationally-recognized industry programs – and you can too as a Power Design Apprentice. For those individuals who prefer in-person classes near them, we’ve partnered with Associated Builders and Contractors and the Independent Electrical Contractors to offer our apprentices tuition-free access to a first-rate education in hundreds of classrooms across the nation. But whether you choose one of our industry partners or PowerU for your apprenticeship coursework, this is your chance to get in on the ground floor of a rapidly growing multi-trade contractor that’s building the future of the industry.

    Ashley M.

    “Becoming an Apprentice All-Star is the biggest accomplishment of my Apprenticeship! I don't think I've ever been recognized for schoolwork before enrolling in this program. I'm proud that I've been able to show PDI that I can be at the top of my game whenever they need me to be!”

    Ashley M. // Apprentice

    Jorge A.

    “I really love my job! Everyone at Power Design does such a great job mentoring me as an Apprentice. I am grateful for everything that my team members have taught me so far and am thankful for the opportunity to continue growing.”

    Jorge A. // Apprentice

    106362_Baderdeen, Samuel Sam

    “The Apprenticeship program has been incredibly supportive. The program actually takes you all the way down to the theory, and builds you up to all the practical knowledge. PDI has been one of the most supportive companies that I've ever had in these processes - paying for school, paying for books - it's really been a seamless, nice experience.”

    Sam B. // Apprentice

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    Build your

    Career With Us

    Looking for more from your career? Join a company that's focused on your future and the future of this industry.