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    babybolts red Services Overview

    A Unified Approach to Design-Build


    With MEP and Systems, engineers, technical experts, and trades people all working together as one team, we do what it takes to deliver unmatched performance without the budget-busting scope gaps or redundancies.

    Joe Micallef | Chief Operating Officer

    Our Services

    Through true integration, we reduce waste, compress schedules, and streamline the construction experience—all while optimizing performance and quality.

    babybolts red

    Our Trusted Partners

    Union Market North

    “The job is going extremely well. The team is exemplifying great efforts throughout the process. I am beyond happy that Power Design got into the mechanical world because you are all crushing it.”

    Partner // Arlington, VA


    “The fact that Power Design hasn’t missed a date yet is 5 star! They seem to manage everything well. The Super and the whole team know when things need to get done. They really plan ahead. I wish everyone could be more like that.”

    Partner // San Francisco, CA

    Green Valley Ranch

    "Good communication is what sets Power Design apart! You’d be surprised how hard that is to find in the industry these days. Your value engineering helped save the owner a sizable amount of money on light fixtures — that was certainly appreciated.”

    Partner // Denver, CO