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    Our Licenses

    We go above and beyond when it comes to licensing. Check out our current licenses below.

    Licenses Website9.27.23-1


    Alabama 02243
    Arizona 244898
    Arizona (Mechanical Contractor) 331407
    Arizona (Plumbing) ROC 333939
    California 949436
    Colorado EC0100036
    Colorado, Denver (Mechanical Contractor) LIC00251272
    Colorado (Plumbing) PC.0004549
    DC ECC901166
    Delaware 2020100023
    Florida EC0000841
    Florida (Mechanical Contractor) CMC1250779
    Florida (Plumbing) CFC1430994
    Georgia EN211276
    Kentucky CE64686
    Louisiana 41230
    Maryland 7879
    Maryland (Master’s Mechanical) 112438
    Mississippi 14872-MC
    Nevada 0090960
    New Mexico 366361
    New York, NYC 013074
    New York, Westchester County 1834
    North Carolina U.29136
    North Carolina (Heating Group 1, 2, 3 – Class 1) 35043
    North Carolina (Plumbing) L35043
    Oklahoma 00126345
    South Carolina M103991
    South Carolina (Mechanical Contractor – HVAC) CLM.103991
    South Carolina (PB5 – Plumbing) 103991
    Tennessee 50842
    Tennessee (Mechanical) 50842
    Tennessee (Plumbing) 77333
    Texas 17087
    Texas (Air Conditioning Contractor – ACR) TACLA00100521E
    Texas (Responsible Master Plumber) 43830
    Utah 7754389-5502
    Virginia 2705 061093A
    Virginia (HVAC) 2705 061093A
    Virginia (Plumbing) 2705061093 (PLB)
    Washington EC POWERDI812C6
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