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    babybolts red Special Operations Division

    Fast-Tracked Progress and Completion

    With recent industry dynamics, many of our partners have turned to us to assist when other contractors and faced with challenges they can't solve. These projects require a unique skills, speed, and specialized operations.

    Our Special Operations Division is a select group of highly-skilled trades people who mobilize immediately to deploy nationwide, no matter the project complexity or trade. 
    Their expertise, speed, and ability to mobilize immediately make them the go to team for fast-track schedules or projects like takeovers that urgently need help getting back on track.


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    Common Causes for Special Ops Services

    Decrease in Job Site Resources Reduced manpower or work quality from a contractor or a subcontractor
    Significant Job Site Issue A failure or an event that requires specialized resources to mitigate the problem
    Inablility to Complete
    Inability to Complete Work Contractor or subcontractor stalls or fails because of timeline or financial issues
    Expedited Services
    Expedited Services Rapid demand for services or material procurement, to meet inspection or TCO

    Unmatched Advantages


    • 320 person crew
    • Nationwide deployment, multi-trade expertise
    • Unlimited Bonding Capacity
    • Backed by expansive PM, Engineering, VDC, Procurement, Finance, and other support services
    • Ability to start projects immediately at any stage of construction 
    • Boots on the ground within 72 hours


    • Industry low EMR to ensure job site safety
    • Ability to work in challenging or unusual circumstances
    babybolts red Special Operations


    Project Assessment & Exposure Evaluation
    • Review of subcontractor contract scope coverage
    • Equipment and material review- onsite, ordered, and  missing 
    • Project schedule analysis
    • Design Errors and Omissions Review
    • Work in place Quality Evaluations
    • Change Order Review 
    Project Team Supplementation
    • Resource enhancement to increase production and speed
    • Coordination assistance facilitating smoother operations
    • Schedule optimization to accelerate project timelines
    • Trade facilitation assisting other trades

    Complete Trade Takeover

    Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, Systems Technologies

    • Increase production to expedite schedule
    • Assess installation quality and recover
    • Complete complicated installs
    • Decrease lead times through global procurement 
    Project Monitoring and Funds Control
    • Provide change order review for accuracy and cost
    • Verify pricing and lead times based on global procurement
    Claim Preparation and Negotiation
    • Assessment of Project Condition
    • Document the existing conditions starting at time of mobilization
    • Document repairs and deficiency corrections that are made

    "Power Design came in and got done what no one else could."

    Superintendent // Suffolk Construction​

    “The good thing about your company is the manpower and that you have the resources to get manpower where you need it, whereas other subcontractors don’t have that ability.”

    Customer PM // West Palm Takeover Project


    “It was a one-of-a-kind experience. I haven’t seen too many superintendents like yours. I could keep going on about all of the great qualities, but simply put, the team is a perfect example of what it takes to get a job done correctly. We wouldn’t be where we are today without you and your guys!"

    Customer Superintendent // Washington D.C.

    Special Operations

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