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    December 6, 2023

    Unlocking the Power of Special Operations

    Challenges can emerge unexpectedly, putting projects at risk and here at Power Design we’ve seen many of our trade partners struggle with those challenges. Whether it’s the lack of skilled labor on the job site, financial hardships plaguing a subcontractor due to the market, or supply chain issues causing extended lead times and backing up labor on site, partners are now more than ever seeing the industry challenges impacting their project’s timeline. Analysts are seeing this too: according to KPMG, more than 50% of engineering and construction professionals report one or more underperforming projects in a year. 


    Our Chief Operations Officer Joe Micallef speaks to what he believes to be the core components of getting a project back on track in today’s market (spoiler…trained, skilled labor is key!) and how our Special Operations Division can address these hurdles head-on and ensure seamless project delivery.


    Increase Bandwidth with Holistic Expertise

    A 2022 General Contractors of America survey showed that 91% of contractors reported having trouble filling positions. The demand for skilled labor on job sites is at a premium and the issues filling them are leading to delays and disruptions in project timelines. Unfortunately, even when positions are filled, the skill level of the workforce may fall short, impacting the overall quality and effectiveness of the construction process, and causing cost overrun. Ensuring contractors are maintaining top talent with a wide variety of expertise can stop labor shortage issues before they even become a problem. 

    At Power Design, we understand the critical role that skilled labor plays in project efficiency and quality, and our Special Operations Division stands ready to support construction outcomes by providing a workforce that meets and exceeds the demands of even the most intricate projects. Since the early 2000s, Power Design has made training its number one priority to guarantee that consistency and quality field installations take place on all Power Design job sites, no matter the scope or location. Our Special Operations Division boasts a robust team of more than 200 highly skilled trades people, with the majority having on average more than 10 years of industry experience.

    This collective expertise spans a nationwide spectrum, covering electrical, mechanical, plumbing, and systems technologies. The depth of knowledge within our team ensures that no matter the complexity of the project or the intricacies of the challenge, we have the right skill set to navigate through.

    Mobilize Immediately for Time-Sensitive Projects

    Timelines are tight, and there are often immediate needs to expedite services necessary to meet those tight timelines. Whether that’s to procure essential job site materials or meet inspection deadlines or TCO requirements, meeting those needs is crucial to keeping a project on track. According to Travelers Insurance, nearly 60% of contractor failures were caused by one catastrophic project – one project that can wreak havoc on an entire company. The ability to swiftly align the necessary solutions when a project is starting to falter is not only a proactive approach but a cost-saving measure, eliminating the need for rework and mitigating the risk of breaching contractual obligations – and even eliminating repercussions for other projects.  

    With time of the essence in the construction realm, our Special Operations Division understands the urgency. With unparalleled agility, we can initiate projects at any stage of construction, ensuring swift action to counter labor shortages, schedule delays, or supply chain disruptions. Additionally, our substantial bond capacity enables us to mobilize resources swiftly, even for large-scale projects. 

    On average, our Special Operations Division is capable of mobilizing resources and initiating projects within 48 hours of the client's request, minimizing downtime and maximizing efficiency.

    Prioritize Safety in Challenging Circumstances

    Safety is critical to the job site and is paramount to the construction timeline. Any safety issue or accident on the construction site can halt work temporarily or lead to the reevaluation of safety protocols. According to Digital Builder, on average, construction companies spend 3.6% of their budgets on injuries, but only 2.6% on safety training. A strong emphasis on safety practices at the beginning of the process is necessary to prevent incidents that could impact project timelines and bottom line.  

    Power Design and our teams maintain an industry-low .57 Experience Modification Rate (EMR), underscoring our commitment to job site safety and consistently raising the safety standard through our one-of-a-kind Power Up Best Practices training program. This dedication extends to the team's ability to work in challenging or unusual circumstances, ensuring that safety remains uncompromised even in the most complex situations.

    Survey Operations During Production

    According to Autodesk in 2020, bad data or outdated data from the job site was responsible for 14% of avoidable rework on construction projects. That 14% in today’s volatile market could cost the project millions of dollars if it pushes the project past its completion date – costly solutions, missed revenue, and sky-rocketing interest rates come into play. Staying proactive is key to a project’s success and that includes having the most-up-to-date data from the job site; being able to recognize when a project could falter before it does mitigates the need for reactive costly solutions and missed deadlines.  

    The Special Operations team has collaborated with partners and subcontractors on assessing ongoing projects to highlight potential issues that may arise. They are also able to identify opportunities for improvement to make sure the project stays on a successful track. Whether it involves scheduling, material management, budgeting, or safety protocols, the team offers peer review consultations for active projects, proactively addressing concerns and providing solutions to steer the projects back to success before encountering significant challenges.



    In an industry where on-time completion and staying on budget are vital to the success of our partners and their projects, our Special Operations Division stands as a trusted partner for owners, developers, and general contractors facing unexpected hurdles that threaten both completion and budget. With a wealth of experience and resources, rapid mobilization capabilities, and an unwavering commitment to safety, our team ensures that no challenge is impossible, delivering excellence in every endeavor.

    Power Design

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