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    Energy Integration

    By envisioning the future now, we are able help our clients welcome in the new era of construction focused on sustainable energy solutions.

    Energy Futureproofing is Our Present
    Energy Division

    Futureproofing is Our Present

    In a world where energy demand consistently outpaces existing infrastructure, our Energy division is leading the charge in EV and energy infrastructure integration. We have the skills and scale to offer comprehensive, all-in-one solutions for our clients’ needs because we have:

    • Outcome Focused Solutions vs. Brand Biased Product Selections
    • Global Manufacture Access
    • Local to National Code Requirement Knowledge
    • Tax Credits and Incentives Experts
    • Cost Deferment Opportunities
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    Sustainable Solutions

    Battery Storage Design Battery storage design involves creating solutions that not only meet today's energy needs but also adapt to tomorrow's challenges through the best scalable battery storage systems
    Custom Microgrids We address the issue of escalating costs by offering tailored energy solutions, like microgrids, which transform buildings into self-sufficient units, becoming its energy core.
    Retrofitting Solutions By retrofitting buildings with energy-efficient technology and materials, we’re able to exceed current energy standards, reduce environmental impact, and save on energy costs.
    Consulting and Service With a focus on efficiency and sustainability, we offer expert advice, system optimization, and regular maintenance to ensure your energy systems operate at peak performance.
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