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    December 13, 2023

    rEVving Up Cali With Energy 🔋

    Next stop: California. Say hello to Menlo Portal III (MP3)! From more than 300 EV-ready charging stations to a next-level car stacking system, MP3 is giving us a glimpse of what the new industry standard will be. Our teams out west are taking this 335-unit project by storm covering electrical, fixtures, fire alarm systems, low voltage systems, and DAS, as well as the state-of-the-art EV system! Fun fact? Menlo Park is also the place Meta calls home. 


    “Power Design is awesome, we’re a one-stop shop and that’s what makes us stand out. There’s not another company out there that does it as well as we do,” MP3 Project Superintendent Cody Erwin said.   


    We put our best of the best on the project to get creative by using advanced technology and innovative techniques to make this project stand out – it’s more than the construction, it’s the installation and taking into account the end user’s experience. Coordination was the key to the success of this project, working diligently with both the field team and front office team to ensure the substantial electrical backbone for the massive EV system was seamlessly installed.  


    The commercial smart charger system is as simple as plugging it in, and you’re ready to go. Little do the residents know that the easy plug-and-charge system has quite the power behind it thanks to our killer MP3 team.  


    “We have over four dedicated electrical rooms just to the EV system,” Cody said. “We have a primary set of switchgear, four different subboards, and four 750 kVA transformers, with more than 16,400-amp panels. I’ve done stuff on MP3 that hasn’t been done on other projects with EV systems and I’m taking that with me to the next project because EVs are the future in California.”  


    Power Design and our highly skilled field teams are futureproofing the present through projects like MP3, ensuring these luxury high rises are fully equipped with top-of-the-line equipment, while also keeping buildings’ end users and the code requirements from local and state entities front and center.  


    “If you’re going to have a high-end building, with high-end tenants driving high-end vehicles, you’re going to need a system to rely on that can power their vehicles,” Energy Manager Michael Kuhn said. “You also must have the commercial grade smart chargers that can handle load management, kilowatt-use trackage, provide reports anything you want. That system ensures an optimized experience for residents and developers alike.”  


    With close to 1 million new electric vehicles hitting the road this past year, our teams know that the future is our present and our partners know we are ready for it — see for yourself.  



    Ready to make magic happen alongside the best of the best on the West Coast? Apply here.    


    Developer & Contractor: Greystar

    Delivery Method: Plans & Specs 

    Scopes of Work: Electrical, Fixtures, Fire Alarm Systems, Low Voltage Systems, DAS 

    Tag(s): Expertise Energy

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