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    We like to build our people the way we build our projects, starting with a solid foundation. From there, the sky’s the limit. Whether you want to methodically add to your skills like floors on a high-rise or hitch a buck hoist straight to the top, we’ve got the teams, tools, and training to help you build the career of your dreams – from hire to retire.
    Joining Power Design

    to the Team

    We’re going to let you in on a little secret that every professional athlete knows: before you can hit the ground running, you’ve got to warm up first. We take that same mindset to welcoming each of our new team members. Long before you step foot through our doors or onto our jobsites, we’ve already developed a comprehensive and personalized plan of action to arm you with the knowledge, connections, and skills you need to succeed in your role and feel right at home.

    babybolts red Developing You

    Adding Skills to
    Your Toolbelt

    As you advance through your career at Power Design, you’ll have endless opportunities to level up your skills, learn something new, and forge your own path.


    Expand Your Horizons

    Dive deep into your biggest passions or become a master of trades – the choice is yours at Power Design. As a design-build contractor offering electrical, mechanical, plumbing, and systems technologies, you can train across multiple disciplines to become a well-rounded project professional or evolve to be the subject matter expert that everyone turns to.

    Best Practices

    Re-Define the Power Design Way

    When you join our team, we don’t just teach you our best practices, we empower you to help us evolve them. While other companies may get set in their ways, we’re constantly looking for ways to grow as individuals and teams, improving our standards and processes to meet industry challenges and provide new solutions that take our projects to the next level.

    Project Lifecycle

    See the Bigger Picture

    When you’re trying to conquer the complex and control the chaos, knowledge will always be your best line of defense. That’s why we have the training and resources to help our teams understand and accomplish every step of the years-long project lifecycle, from project award all the way to final closeout, and managing production, material, and budget in between.

    Business Savvy

    Beyond Business 101

    We love helping our teams build their business backgrounds, so they can better connect the dots within their roles and help us uncover new and innovative ways to crush our projects and reach our goals. Whether you want to finesse your financial skills, elevate your process mapping, or envision new corporate strategies, we’re ready to build a better business alongside you.

    Team Skills

    Building Lasting Relationships

    What makes a good teammate? We think it’s pretty simple: work hard, help out, collaborate, and communicate. If you bring the work ethic, we can teach you everything else you need to become the colleague everyone loves to work with. From building connections and maintaining trust to critical thinking and creative problem solving, who said building soft skills has to be hard?

    16000 Sq. Ft. Training Facility
    30 Training Team Members
    8000 Training Hours Conducted in 2022
    Management Training

    Lead the Way

    Our future is in your hands. Get ready to guide the way for a team of talented individuals all working toward a common objective. Whether you’re aspiring to lead one day, newly embarking on your management journey, or are already a seasoned people leader, we have resources, trainings, and programs to help you help your teams realize their full potential, accomplish their goals, and grow themselves.

    Ongoing Education

    A Lifetime of Growth

    When growth is one of your core values, the learning never stops – no matter where you are in your career. Each day is an opportunity to get better, uncover something new, and add to our toolbelts. Whether you’re looking to continue your education, earn a new license, or get certified, we offer courses, support, and study materials to help you get there.


    "Seize every opportunity: whether it’s learning something new, or working with someone you’ve never worked with before, having that variety of experience can help you become an invaluable team member."

    Marcela G. // Chief of Staff

    Suzy A.

    "I wanted to come work at PDI because there was room to grow. PDI allowed me to truly advance further than I ever thought I would and created the space to allow me to move up into a leadership role that wasn't possible for me in the past."

    Suzy A. // Foreman SOT


    "There are so many opportunities at Power Design - the sky is the limit. If you put in the effort, they’ll see your potential, and you will be supported and encouraged to do what you want to do. You’re never stuck in one place here."

    Taylor E. // Operations Credit Manager

    babybolts red

    Build your

    Career With Us

    Looking to get more from your career? Give us a shout. We’re growing our team of leaders to push the boundaries even more.