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    February 4, 2021

    $5,000 for Camp Hope!

    During the holiday season, we invited our friends and partners to participate in our annual Holiday Charity Raffle where we ask everyone to nominate their favorite charity for the chance to win a donation through our Project V5 program. Given how hard 2020 was for most people, we were touched to see how many charities were nominated this year. With mental health awareness at the forefront of our priorities, and an ongoing initiative to recruit more veterans to our team, we couldn’t help but feel an extra tug on our heart strings when Camp Hope was randomly selected to win this year’s donation.

    Camp Hope‘s mission is to bring hope and healing to combat veterans who are suffering and feel lost due to the effects of combat-related post-traumatic stress, or PTSD. They do so by offering veterans housing, peer-to-peer mentoring, and other life-saving programs and services that are completely free to them and their families. Their vision? To reduce the amount of veteran suicides caused by or related to PTSD. The Veteran’s Administration (VA) reports that we are losing 20.6 Veterans every day to suicide, but the PTSD Foundation of America estimates that the actual daily suicide rate is between 25 – 30 every day.

    Camp Hope was nominated by two of our partners at Greystar: Robert Elliott (Managing Director, Construction) and Doug Brown (Managing Director, Portfolio Management). Doug has served as Board Chairman of the PTSD Foundation of America for over five years and oversaw the development and construction of Camp Hope’s campus and housing program in Houston, TX. We sat down with both gentlemen to hear more about Camp Hope and the impact of Power Design’s donation.

    “I nominated Camp Hope because of their tireless pursuit of their mission – caring for veterans in need – resonates strongly with me since our veterans have given so much that we must reciprocate when they are in need,” Elliott said. “Hopefully the message of generosity and support by this donation to Camp Hope will continue to bring awareness to their organization and good works.”

    “The foundation’s greatest challenge is “outreach”, both to veterans so that they know there is a program with hope and healing for their PTSD, and to the community so that they know there is an answer to the 20-30 veteran suicides that are occurring in this country everyday,” Brown said. “Your $5000 helps keep the doors open for veterans from around the country.”

    While Power Design is proud to be donating $5,000 to Camp Hope’s cause, their needs far exceed what any organization can contribute and we encourage others with a similar passion to help however you can. Sponsoring a veteran and volunteering at a fundraiser are just some of the ways you can get involved!

    With so many military members in our own #PDIFamily, and in the construction industry in general, it’s always been a part of Power Design’s mission to recruit more veterans, and increase awareness around the translatable skills between construction and military duties. If you’re a veteran looking for a career, please head to our careers page and let us know how we can help you on your career journey!

    My hope is that this announcement will reach a lot of people, and if just one reader knows a vet in trouble and refers him to Camp Hope, then that's one more life we're saving.

    Doug Brown