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    January 15, 2024

    A Senior Super Series: Austin Edition

    Mentorship – it is at the core of Senior Superintendent Walter Naranjo, Sr.’s career. From his mentors that got him started in the business to him mentoring the next generation of Power Design senior superintendents, Walter is grateful for every mentoring experience that has gotten him to where he is today – somewhere bigger and better than he could’ve even imagined. 


    As an immigrant, he initially doubted his chances of success in the industry. However, he gradually learned to trust in himself and recognize the opportunities for growth.  


    “As an immigrant, I didn’t think I was going to have all the chances to grow this way. I thought immigrants don’t have those chances,” Walter said. “In the beginning, I was doubting what I could do but when I started seeing the [opportunities] that you can scale and grow, I said I can make it. I can do it.” 


    Twenty-three years with Power Design working his way from electrician to senior superintendent, we can all agree that Walter can do it all. Walter attributes his success to two key figures in his life – his brother and a fellow Power Design colleague Raymond Garcia. He credits his brother for being his mentor in everything, and Raymond for opening the doors to the #PDIFamily and teaching him how to wear all the hardhats he would need to wear during his career.  


    Walter takes the perfect blend of personal and professional wisdoms gained from his brother and Raymond and puts them into action every day on his job sites in Austin, Texas. Not only does he bring his experiences to the construction of some of the largest and most innovative projects, but also to the guidance of his colleagues and their careers.


    “Seeing my people grow from electricians to foreman to superintendents, sometimes you don’t know that you’re the teacher. Then you have someone call and say thank you for what you shared with me. I say wow! Teaching is just natural because I want to help them. I’m just really happy to guide them.”  


    From constructing buildings that leave a lasting impression on his city of Austin to constructing careers thanks to his natural mentorship abilities, Walter’s impact on the industry is one of legends and it isn’t stopping anytime soon. 


    Hear from Walter himself on what “a big journey” his 23-year tenure from coast-to-coast with Power Design has been!  



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