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    April 6, 2023

    Building More Than Buildings in D.C.

    At Power Design, we’re paving the path for future generations of the workforce from coast-to-coast. Our commitment to developing the trades starts with apprenticeship — something our passion-fueled people are all-in on. By supporting apprenticeship programs like ABC, IEC, and others in more ways than one, Power Design is educating and empowering the next generation both on and off the job site.

    Power Design Project Executive Chris Riley puts his passion into action by dedicating his time to local chapters in the Washington, D.C. area.

    “It’s crucial that Power Design is engaged with different instruction programs nationwide to ensure that the next generation of the workforce are up to speed on the requirements and the real world demands that they’ll experience every day,” Chris said.

    While apprentices are on the job site daily, they receive a hands-on education and Chris teaches his classes accordingly. By doing so, these apprentices are able to work safely and accurately throughout their journey, and even after apprenticeship.

    Chris breaks the information down to make it more digestable for us and what we experience day-to-day.

    Mario Chamorro |

    ABC Dulles Apprentice


    As an instructor and mentor to these apprentices, Chris encourages them succeed not only in their careers, but also their personal lives by teaching them valuable life skills to support them in society.

    Power Design is proud to be a partner of these organizations who are teaching the future workforce of the nation, to help carve their path for a successful future in the trades.