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    April 14, 2020

    Design-Build: Moving construction forward

    Last month, our VP of Engineering, Misha Zeltser, joined local industry experts from THE BECK GROUP, KWJ Architects and more, to weigh-in on recent trends in Design Build.

    The round table discussion, held virtually for the first time, touched on the impacts of working remotely during the coronavirus. “We have been evaluating what our IT infrastructure can accommodate for remote working. And that’s making sure we have the necessary number of devices, and making sure that we can be productive and support the customer,” said Zeltser. Using cloud-based BIM technology, virtual meetings, and software to support field teams were universal measures discussed by participants to help keep design and construction essential moving ahead during this time.

    With the industry also facing a labor shortage, Zeltser discussed prefabrication as a trend helping to improve onsite efficiency. “Entire sections of buildings are being fabricated offsite or delivered in components that are easy to assemble on-site,” he explained. “Power Design has a distribution facility where we stage materials. This helps reduce the labor hours it takes, accelerating the construction schedule and minimizing wasted materials, all made possible because of the sophisticated BIM tools we described which allow us to graphically model these assembles virtually.”

    Lastly Zeltser mentioned Power Design’s SmartSpaces division, integrating home and building automation as a sense of resident and community connection has become more important now than ever.

    From leveraging the way we use existing technology to staying ahead of future trends, these subject matter experts agree that Design Build is one way our industry is helping to keep construction moving forward.

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