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    April 20, 2022

    Expertise Meets Teamwork: Tough Rougher 2022

    Bright and early at 6:30 AM, April 13th, nine of Power Design’s top crews from each of our regions gathered at one of our multi-trade projects, the Ascent St. Petersburg, anxiously waiting for the start of the 2022 Tough Rougher Competition.

    This field-focused competition recognizes our teams that crush it every day and gives them a chance to put their skills to the test! We fly out the best of the best from across the country to see who can rough a unit the fastest, safest, and with the highest quality. The best part? The winning crew receives a $25,000 grand prize, donations to their chosen charity, and bragging rights!

    After a welcome dinner on the GRID (Power Design HQ), the crews woke up before sunrise to head to the downtown St.Pete high rise where their excitement filled the streets. Roars of enthusiasm could be heard for several blocks as Joe Micallef, Power Design Chief Operating Officer, hyped up the crews before heading toward the buck hoists. Once situated outside their units on the 23rd and 24th floors, an air horn sounded and Tough Rougher 2022 officially began!

    The sound of metal cased wire being pulled through the unit, drills whirring in the background, and communication amongst the teams was immediate and nonstop. All crews were operating at full capacity, pushing past fatigue, and embodying the true Power Design way! This determination and drive continued for the next several hours as the final team finished roughing their unit.

    Over the next day, curiosity and excitement built as Power Design waited for the announcement of the winning team. After a thorough review of each unit by our QC and safety teams, the winner was announced: our Florida One (central Florida) Region!

    Following the announcement of the winner, Regional Vice President for Florida One, George Wilkes, proudly shared his thoughts about Tough Rougher and the strategies his team employed.

    Our strategy was to create a cohesive team where each member brought their top-notch skills to the competition. We then strove to execute each task in line with our best practices and competitive strategy.

    George Wilkes |

    RVP, Florida One

    The top three placing teams for the 2022 Tough Rougher were:

    1. Florida One – 4 Hours 56 Minutes – 96% Accuracy
    2. West – 5 Hours 55 Minutes – 97% Accuracy
    3. Mid-Atlantic One – 6 Hours 56 Minutes – 95% Accuracy

    While not every team walked away with bragging rights, everyone went home winners by giving back to the community! Over $20k was donated to our team’s selected charities with the largest donation going to Florida One’s pick: ASPCA!

    Thank you to our industry partners, especially Greystar, for allowing Tough Rougher 2022 to take place at Ascent St.Pete. Take a look back to relive the fun on Instagram, here!