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    June 17, 2022

    Hosting Our Inaugural PowerYOUTH Summer Camp!

    Power Design’s inaugural PowerYOUTH Summer Camp was a hit! Our Learning and Development team welcomed local high school students and ACE Mentorship Program members for a week on the GRID in St. Petersburg to learn the ins and outs of Power Design and the construction industry. With career development being one of our pillars, we ensured our PowerYOUTH students looked at multiple elements of Power Design, gained valuable insights into the construction industry, and even toured one of our job sites!

    Our PowerYOUTH campers spent their time looking at the various aspects of multi-trade construction. The students spoke with Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, and Systems Technology Experts, participated in hands-on activities, and worked alongside the production associates at our LINK distribution and prefab facility.


    During their in-depth tours of the GRID and the LINK, our PowerYOUTH students also discussed safety and project management, topped off with a tour of our 2022 Tough Rougher Jobsite, the Ascent, in Downtown St. Petersburg! Throughout the week, our students experienced the construction industry through a Power Design lens, educating and exciting them about all the opportunities available to them industry-wide.

    I am very proud to work for a company that values giving young people the option to choose a different path other than college.

    Michelle Beckert |

    Learning and Development Manager

    PowerYOUTH showed these students a rewarding career path outside of college and a look into the great experiences construction has to offer. We advocate for our dynamic industry to ensure the next generation is informed about the numerous career paths available to them. We hope to expand the PowerYOUTH program to other high schools, locally and nationally, in the coming years.

    As PowerYOUTH came to a close, our students left the GRID with firsthand insights, valuable experience, and more options for their future careers. Below are their thoughts after they wrapped up their week:


    “I had a great time! Before coming to PowerYOUTH, I didn’t know what I wanted to do, but now I feel hopeful for the future. I have gained direction on where I want to go.”



    “I really liked how many hands-on activities there were and how people from the company took time out of their day to show us things.”



    “If you are interested in any construction job, this would be a great place to go and learn about it!”



    “PowerYOUTH was a great experience – I loved the hands-on activities and the people here… you guys are amazing!”



    “This is by far the best educational camp I’ve been to. I feel lucky to have gotten this experience.”



    We wish our first-ever PowerYOUTH students all the best as they continue down their career paths.