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    August 10, 2023

    It's Giving... Best Summer Ever: #PDIntern Edition

    That's a wrap! Our 2023 Summer #PDInterns are a force to be reckoned with after a badass summer spent learning from our teams — the best in the business. 


    While Power Design is shaping skylines from coast-to-coast, we’re also empowering the next generation of industry experts across the country. Nearly 30 interns joined us from 11 prestigious universities for a unique 10-week program that included hands-on training, intern team outings, giving back, and more — all resulting in a well-rounded immersive learning experience.  From engineering and operations to support staff positions, our interns were able to see different pieces of how this organization operates together. 


    Our internship program is meant to broaden these students' horizons and introduce them to the real-life demands of the industry. Each intern had their own mentor to help guide them through the last 10 weeks by sharing valuable lessons both personally and professionally.  

     Intern Quote 1


    By bringing these students in, our subject matter experts and leaders of the organization can impact them and help shape them as the future generation of the workforce, while hearing new and bright ideas from an outside source.  


     Intern Quote 2


    You heard it here first from these future industry leaders: cultivating a fun and growth-centric environment encouraged them to learn, develop their skillset, and take on new challenges. 


    Although this summer has come to an end, we can't wait for our new #PDIFamily members to take on what's next for them — but who knows, maybe they'll join us again next summer!  Our interns are prepped and ready to take a new step in their journey, whether back to the books or venturing into their careers in the workforce.  


    Check out what a day in the life of a #PDIntern is like, or learn more about our rock star internship program, here


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