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    August 31, 2022

    Mentorship Mantra: We've Got Each Other's Back

    A culture of growth is something we’re willing to bet on at Power Design, so we’re spotlighting the perfect pair to put our money where our mouth is! Meet “Big Mike” (Mike Lovren) and “Little Mike” (Mike Lepore) – a dynamic duo based in Power Design’s West region with a mentorship story to brag about.

    With nearly 20 years of Power Design experience under his (tool) belt, Senior Superintendent Mike Lovren is best known for his passion for mentoring our future field leaders. While he’s inspired, trained, and taught countless members of our #PDIFamily, Big Mike’s transition from Superintendent to Senior Superintendent aligned with the mentorship of recently promoted Superintendent, Mike Lepore.

    The energy this duo brings to the table makes everyone smile, but also sets the tone for a strong team environment on the jobsite. Hear directly from the Mikes on what characteristics make for a successful mentee along with the why behind Big Mike’s passion for teaching (plus how he “co-pilots”)!

    Over the past two decades from Texas to California, Big Mike’s career at Power Design exemplifies a path to success built on a foundation of hard work and continued dedication.

    The love Power Design has for their employees is what has kept me here all these years. I'm not just a number.

    Mike Lovren |

    Senior Superintendent

    Big Mike, thank you for your commitment to training and inspiring the future of our workforce. If you’re interested in starting a career in the trades complete with mentorship, growth opportunities, and friendship – apply!