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    March 7, 2024

    Power Design's Leading Ladies


    Women in Construction Week hits differently at Power Design and is celebrated immensely because we are a company that is led by badass women. Representing 50% of our Executive Steering Committee, our ladies in leadership have paved the way for the more than 470 other women at Power Design who are vital in shaping the future of our industry. But don’t take it from us, hear from those who work day in and day out with them and about the mark they are making in the industry.



    Co-Chairman and Co-Founder

    Dana Permuy

    “Women effectively lead people through inclusiveness and encouraging free thinking. We are motivated by challenges, are solutions oriented, and know how to multitask, which is why it is important to have women in leadership positions. It is inspiring that Power Design was not only co-founded by a woman but to also see how many women are in leadership here. Dana is brilliant and so respected in the industry and throughout our organization. I have great respect for her financial brilliance, poised disposition and decisiveness. Having the opportunity to learn from Dana is an honor – I aspire to be like her. While I still have so much to learn myself, the advice I would give to the next generation of women in construction would be very similar to what Dana has instilled in me - hold your head high, put in the work, speak up, and earn your seat at the table. You deserve to be there!”

    - Sarah Brown | Director of Change Order Management

    Heather- Square-1
    Chief Financial Officer

    Heather Ford

    “Heather may be my boss but she’s also the person I can bounce ideas off, discuss complex analyses or employee issues, and confide in as a friend. I’ve held many different roles within Finance, most of which were created especially for me. Heather has always let me be creative in my career. She’s helped me follow my interests, passions, and talents in continuing to provide value for Power Design. I really feel like my career path has been custom fit for me and that is a testament to Heather as a leader. Equally as important, she’s been extremely flexible with my personal and family aspirations and/or challenges. In my tenure with Power Design, I’ve been a single bachelorette, married with no kids, and now married with a 3-year-old and another on the way. My life has changed over and over again, and Heather has supported me fully in every chapter. Over our 11.5 years together, we’ve accomplished so much. We’ve also laughed a lot and cried together (a little) along the way. I’ve learned a tremendous amount from her both professionally and personally. There’s no price you can put on coming to work every day and knowing that someone like Heather has your back, that they’ll celebrate your successes with you and help you learn from your failures.”

    - Lauren Wertepny | Vice President of Strategy

    Chief Growth Officer

    Lauren Permuy

    “The women who are executive leaders are badass, talented, intelligent, and win a lot, especially Lauren! Lauren’s expertise, drive, and commitment to excellence inspires me everyday. To be able to pop-in Lauren’s office to talk customer strategy, ask her thoughts on an idea I have, or just check-in with her is a huge value and has had a big impact on my growth here at Power Design. Lauren pushes me to take advantage of each opportunity I get, and she encourages me to create opportunities where they don’t seem to exist. I am thankful that I have had the opportunity to learn so much from her expertise and experience. And I will always be thankful to be able to watch Lauren in high-pressure situations, navigating complex conversations with our top customers and to be able to do it with ease. The fact that Power Design has so many women in executive leadership roles reflects the "best-person-up" culture PDI has created. It’s encouraging and inspiring to see so many women in executive leadership roles, especially in the construction industry. I’m proud to be at Power Design with so many powerful women!”

    - Julia Wilson | Executive Representative

    Chief of Staff

    Marcela Gomez

    “Since women are under-represented in the construction industry, it’s empowering to have so many strong female role models representing Power Design! In a male-dominated industry, it says to other women, ‘this can be you.’ I’ve known Marcela since I started with Power Design 13 years back and we’ve worked together in different capacities throughout the years, including when I was the first PDR employee to relocate to the GRID. Marcela and I worked closely together to develop a PDR presence on the GRID, meeting often to strategize and interview candidates, and set us up for success. I knew her early career with PDI involved project management and she inspired me to pursue my PMP certification. Because of that, I’m a firm believer in encouraging others to do the same. I have a lot of respect for Marcela because she’s innovative, results oriented, and a great visionary leader. She’s not afraid to ask the hard questions and be real with you. At the same time, she's a great listener and has a fun sense of humor and loves to laugh! All great qualities of a well-rounded female role model. What she has taught me is what I love to share also with other women: stick with it – your commitment, grit, and tenacity will pay off! And don’t be afraid to ask questions and let your voice be heard.”


    - Kim Hill | Lighting Project Executive

    Morgan Headshot- Square
    Chief People & Culture Officer

    Morgan Permuy

    “The most powerful way to empower women in construction is through example and we have that here at Power Design. Women are transforming the traditional notions of construction, bringing fresh perspectives, empathy, and further collaboration to the industry. Having so many women in executive leadership roles provides me with a sense of encouragement and pride, especially Morgan. Having Morgan as a mentor has been an unmatched experience. She provides industry knowledge, values diversity of perspectives, is honest and candid, and encourages professional empowerment. She takes the time to assess my interests and strengths to provide direction on opportunities or projects that would allow me to further excel in my career. She has been invaluable to me and has made a significant impact on my development. Morgan’s interactions are not solely business focused; she cares about each employee as an individual. She takes value in everyone as their whole self. Having this added personal connection helps drive additional loyalty and dedication to every task I receive and role I am a part of. She has provided me with the confidence needed to grow as a team member and into leadership roles. It is compelling to see so many women thrive in executive leadership roles, like Morgan, in the construction industry, it goes to prove that what matters most is putting the right person in the right role, regardless of industry norms.” 

    - Cheryl Roussell | Senior Engagement Partner

    Power Design

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