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    January 27, 2022

    Project Spotlight: 600 Guadalupe

    Everything is bigger in Texas — including Austin’s tallest high-rise and Power Design milestone project: 600 Guadalupe.

    Towering over downtown Austin at a staggering 875 feet, this two million square foot high-rise ranks amongst the top ten tallest buildings in Texas – consisting of residential apartments, offices, and garages located in one of Austin’s bustling districts.

    Not only is 600 Guadalupe large in scale – containing 349 units spread amongst 66 floors – it’s equally significant in complexity. Bringing design to life in a big way in Texas, Power Design’s Virtual Design and Construction (VDC) team’s use of 3D modeling significantly improves managing the complexity of the project by helping the field crew visualize all intricacies.

    Our VDC department’s contribution to 600 Guadalupe has been immeasurable. We talk a lot about "X's" and "O's" during a project, but to visually see it in a 3D Model is mind-blowing.

    Robert Morris |

    Senior Superintendent, Power Design

    Power Design’s Systems Technology is providing state-of-the-art infrastructure for one of the world’s largest technology companies, who recently leased all 33 floors of office space in the building. According to ATX Today, META Platforms Inc. will have “the second-largest single office lease in the history of downtown.”

    With over 6,000 feet of bus duct and 40+ miles of wiring, the project’s vast distribution system is one for the books — requiring an enormous amount of planning and coordination between all trades and project teams. Together with expertise, we prioritize building trust with our industry partners – allowing for seamless coordination and overall project success.

    When we think of Power Design, we think of a true team player. They are not just a subcontractor we hire that is only responsible for their scope -- they jump in and are an extension of our team. And it's not just us – developers and owners feel that way too.

    Forrest Wilson |

    Senior Project Manager, JE Dunn Construction

    Looking ahead, Power Design is excited to continue building the Austin skyline alongside our valued partners like JE Dunn Construction. The future of Austin is bright, and we’re proud to play a part in its growth by way of 600 Guadalupe and many more in the Lone Star State.