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    July 26, 2022

    Shaping San Diego's Skyline, 1 High Rise at a Time

    California is on our mind — but especially sunny San Diego, where we recently completed Power Design’s first southern Cali high rise: Hanover Little Italy!

    Situated in San Diego’s bustling downtown, the successful completion of this 270 unit high rise wouldn’t have been possible without the dedication of top Power Design talent and the trust of our industry partners. Join us on a look back at the top 3 highlights of our 21-floor, Design-Build project:

    1. Unparalleled Partnership + Service
    Rooted in over a decade of working together, our partnership with The Hanover Group exemplifies our commitment to maintaining strong, long-term industry relationships. By doing things differently and building trust with our customers, our dedication to providing excellent service on each project speaks for itself.

    Check out what the Hanover’s leadership had to say about our teams at Little Italy during construction, below!

    Seriously, these guys are doing a great job! I get along really well with Aaron and all of the guys under him. I never have any issues. We all communicate together very well.

    Project Superintendent |

    The Hanover Company

    2. Unified Office-to-Field Collaboration
    Regardless of cross-country distance, the communication and collaboration between Power Design’s HQ in St.Pete to San Diego is a factor that made Little Italy a success! Power Design Superintendent, Aaron Schrum, credits the office-to-field teamwork with a seamless project lifecycle.

    Find out why Aaron thought this CRUSHED IT project went up without a hitch:

    We know how to build the buildings, but it’s the office support that got us from start to finish without any hiccups.

    Aaron Schrum |


    3. Distinguished Design-Build Brought to Life
    We’re proud of the completion of a successful first Power Design high rise in downtown San Diego, but even more so given its’ Design-Build scope. Aaron applauded our VDC team of experts for setting the project stage for a smooth build, allowing for Little Italy to come to fruition on budget and on schedule.

    Big thanks goes out to our team of field experts for continuing to shape the California skyline, from San Francisco to San Diego. Click here to watch a Hanover Little Italy project spotlight recap!