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    July 20, 2022

    Signed, Sealed, Delivered: Introducing TradeMark

    In our industry, the work we do is our signature – and we want to highlight those who make this possible. Thanks to our new employee recognition program, TradeMark, we can showcase our team members and highlight all they do to make us the most trusted partner in the industry by having them sign their completed work. Even when our projects are complete, the story behind them lives on.

    We can’t thank our field teams enough for the mark they continue to make on our legacy every day. That legacy belongs to them as well, and now it’s their turn to leave their own mark on our trade.

    Jeremy Wilson |

    Regional Vice President

    When one of our projects reaches permanent power, the Superintendent is shipped a box with an official TradeMark sticker for them to place on a panel in the main electrical room. The project team will leave their mark on their work by signing their name to recognize their incredible craftsmanship and dedication to project success – forever imprinting their name on their work. Next to their signatures is a QR code that links to the project’s page on our official TradeMark website, allowing anyone to look back at the team’s outstanding work and amazing accomplishments.

    Our field teams have helped us leave a mark on our industry, and now it is their turn to leave a mark of pride on the trade for themselves and the many others who collaborated to our customer’s expectations. We look forward to showing off our field team’s highest standards of craftsmanship, quality, and excellence – one completed building at a time.