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    babybolts red Distribution & Prefabrication

    Assure Quality Products and Timely Arrivals

    Increase quality while reducing labor and material risks through our in-house prefabrication, distribution, and storage capabilities.

    The LINK is our own 208,000-square-foot distribution and prefabrication facility that allows us to streamline the supply chain, and have increased agility with real time feedback on material prices and lead times.

    Adding Assurance to Your Projects

    Jobsite-We Have Your Back-Prefab
    Improved Quality

    Validated, Tested, and Certified to Control Quality

    We physically evaluate and test each product for quality assurance and proactive resolution when needed. Items are coded, photographed, filed, and then stored in a protected environment until needed on the jobsite. Our prefabrication process has multiple layers of testing and QC, in fact our electrical assemblies are certified by UL—the nation's leading safety testing and evaluation agency.

    Increased Efficiency

    Faster to Jobsite, Quicker to Market

    Build materials and prefabbed items are shipped to jobsites as needed , crated by floor and packaged by unit to avoid any miscommunications or delays. The advanced technology, meticulous processes, and centralized distribution from the LINK have driven our on-time delivery rate and accuracy north of 99%.

    Guaranteed Consistency

    One Source with a Common, Unified Delivery

    With one central hub for prefabrication, sorting and kitting, and inventory management, we can ensure uniformity, excellence, and consistency in the delivery of our product to your project.


    Reducing Risk and Chaos on Jobsites

    We prioritize both our people and our partner's safety on job sites by providing a controlled and tidy environment — all possible by way of Power Design's Prefab. We take pride in our ability to reduce risk, while saving time and most importantly, avoiding typical job site hazards.

    Distribution Services

    1 M Products
    10 K SKUs
    99.7 % Inventory Accuracy
    99.3 % On-Time Jobsite Delivery
    Power Design Resources

    Fixtures that Add Value and Reduce Cost

    We have experts that streamline the light fixture selection process. We understand how to reduce cost while preserving dynamic aesthetic experiences. We're adding value by:

    • Significantly reduce the cost of your Lighting Designers package
    • Sourcing fixtures that match the aesthetics and finishes required
    • Provide partnership without the bias of commissions and supplier incentives
    • Coordinate, project manage, procure, and QC products



    Controlled Fabrication, Unit-Ready Delivery

    Our 55,000-square-feet of dedicated prefabrication space allows our skilled tradespeople to craft a range of units. Prefab drives the most value when:

    • Labor costs are high
    • Unit layouts are substantially repeated
    • Jobsite space is scarce
    Tour our LINK Prefab spaces
    Case Study

    Prefab Value, Delivered.

    From LINK to Seattle,
    a Super's Viewpoint

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