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    Lighting up skylines

    Leveraging expansive resources and global manufacturers, we carefully curate fixture packages with a unique focus on quality, spacial application, and installation needs. Our storage and transport solutions mitigate material and supply chain risks.

    From Concept to Installation

    Aesthetics Meets Application

    With a team of 65 lighting pros dedicated to lighting design, fixture selections, and distribution—working alonside engineers and project managers—we provide our partners with dynamic lighting experiences that additionally factor in the needs of the project type, its code and construction installation.

    We work hand-in-hand with our partners to understand and deliver on their aesthetic, brand, and budget strategy; free of the product bias that can exist in the reseller and supplier space.

    Adding Value to Your Vision

    Design and Collab
    Collaboration & Design

    Your Vision

    We are an advocate and mediator for our partners to ensure the project is designed with excellence, while optimized for materials, cost, and construction. Our accredited and award-winning lighting teams blend analysis with aesthetics, adding vision, and value to the investment.

    VE and Engineering
    VE & Engineering

    Your Budget

    Our value engineering approach helps our partners to optimize their budgets—often times putting 20% back into their investment—while honoring aesthetic and specification needs. With real-time budget accuracy through proprietary software configured into Revit, our team can provide live guidance on cost implications and avoids costly surprises later in production.

    Sourcing and Procurement
    Sourcing & Procurement

    Leveraging Our Global Relationships

    Leveraging our organization wide procurement volume and 1,100 global supplier relationships, we're able to offer volume discounts on products and materials. Our sourcing and procurement team builds packages that are focused on the quality, style, and installation needs of the project, without the operational costs and commissions of a middle buyer.

    Distribution and QC
    Distribution & Quality Control

    Mitigating Your Supply Chain Risk

    We proactively mitigate material and supply chain issues for projects nationwide with our distribution services at our LINK facility. By advanced storing products and carefully validating and testing them upon arrival, we ensure quality, style, and function of products are never compromised. We package and kit our supplies by floor and unit, delivering fixtures to the jobsite as needed, with a timely arrival through our own fleet of semis. 

    Distribution Services

    Storage and Distribution

    Introducing the LINK

    The LINK is our own 208,000-square-foot distribution and prefabrication facility that allows us to mitigate risks associated with materials and supply chain. We add assurance to your projects through:

    • Validation and quality control of fixtures though vigorous intake and testing process
    • Advanced storage of long lead items in a secured, temperature controlled environment
    • Organized kitting and preparation of fixtures by floor and unit for staged delivery, quicker installation, as well as cleaner, safer jobsites. 
    Delivering Assurance

    The Power Design Transport Fleet

    Delivering Assurance and Quality to Your Job Site. No matter where your project is, our commitment to reliability guides every mile. From storage to delivery, we handle your materials with care, and stay in close contact with our Supers. Yes to 24/7 tracking, no to third-party detours and delays. 

    See our Fleet in Action
    1 M Products
    10 K SKUs
    99.7 % Inventory Accuracy
    99.3 % On-Time Jobsite Delivery
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    Lighting Design

    Our award-winning team of accredited lighting designers offer a balanced mix of functional analysis and aesthetic design expertise. We have the ability — through custom-built applications — to track costs against budget in real time as we design, including everything from custom installations to signature fixtures. With a depth of suppliers to source from, our Lighting Design team and fixture distribution capabilities can greatly impact an owner's budget and timeline.

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