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As the construction and technology industries evolve, Power Design leverages the latest and greatest technology, keeping us at the forefront of innovation. Power Design’s culture of being tech-forward through the use of apps, technology, and data across various functions allows us to enhance our communication, accuracy, and speed. The utilization of technology grants us the ability to walk job sites virtually, optimize our crews, improve overall job site safety, and much more – allowing us to build better every day.

I think the future of construction is at a turning point right now where something has to change. We’re in that period where we are going to see the biggest progress I think we’ve ever seen. I think we’re right on the cusp of it.

Rick Grover |

VP of Prefab

As the industry advances and projects become more complex, utilizing technology allows Power Design to streamline the learning and building process.

Trimble Connected Construction is an example of one of our technology partners who gear up our workforce. Trimble enables jobs to get done more precisely and accurately. Power Design’s ability to Design What’s Next is enhanced by investing in their cutting-edge technology, specifically their high-performance Total Station surveying solutions. Their design-build-operate solutions, such as their Geospatial Total Station, allow Power Design to eliminate redundant processes and streamline our project’s lifecycle.

As I’m traveling and training, I needed an interface that could smoothly transition between the different people I was training – reducing the number of steps on button touches that they had to do.

Andres Sequera |

Survey Operations Manager

During a recent visit to the GRID, Trimble chatted with several Power Design employees to discuss the future of the construction industry and how we utilize their surveying tools. Check out the below videos they produced in evaluating our company and use of their technology.

Power Design continues to innovate, and we aren’t the only ones who notice! In a recently posted article, Trimble discussed five different traits Power Design that helps us build better. To learn more about Trimble’s visit to the GRID, click here!