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    February 23, 2023

    Power Design Engineering: Setting the Standard

    en·gi·neer·ing (noun): the branch of science and technology concerned with the design, building, and use of engines, machines, and structures.

    Engineering is more than just a definition to us; it’s what makes us stand out. When Power Design engineers a project, we don’t stop when plans are handed over to the partner.

    For us the finish line is a constructed building – not a permitted set of plans."

    Misha Zeltser |

    Senior VP of Engineering

    As a multi-trade contractor with the backing of our more than 270-person engineering division covering electrical, mechanical, plumbing, lighting, and systems technologies design, our partners have come to expect the additional value that our team holistically brings to the table from conception to completion. We evaluate constructability and feasibility into our design and know exactly how it all impacts the project lifecycle.

    “Because we also build what we engineer, we take the time to provide a product that is more detailed and is precoordinated for constructability. Engineering is not a commodity to us; we invest in the quality and quantity of our engineering efforts to ensure success in the field,” Misha said.

    Our work doesn’t end with the design; it ends when people are living and working within the buildings we’ve brought to life."

    Misha Zeltser |

    Senior VP of Engineering


    That approach is why we have been named a MEP Giant three years in a row – 2021, 2022, and 2023 – and have helped our clients achieve on average 10% cost savings per square foot and an 18% reduction in materials.

    But we know that to be the best, we must employ the best, which is why investing in our people is vital to the success of our award-winning engineering division.

    “At Power Design, high standards are our standards, so we look for people who want a career, not just a job. We don’t want just great engineers or designers, we want people who are reliable, responsible, and team players, in addition to being able to perform standard engineering duties,” Misha said.

    With a focus on constructability and an emphasis on high-quality talent, our engineering team pushes beyond the constraints of a traditional design firm and as an industry-leader, we are able to provide a better product to our partners with our unified delivery of services.

    Did we mention being named an EC&M Top 40 Electrical Design Firm and a Tampa Bay Business Journal Largest Engineering Firms in Tampa Bay? And our team is not stopping any time soon!

    Blog Updated: February 2024