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Power Design partnered with Arco Construction on Amazon’s fourth distribution center to provide Public Safety Distributed Antenna Systems in 1-million square-feet of space.  Located in Baltimore, Maryland, the center will house 500 new workers and requires a Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) per code to keep its employees and facility safe. DAS, one of Power Design’s technology service offerings, ensures that signal within a building supports first responders’ systems for communicating during an emergency. Power Design’s team of DAS specialists survey buildings for areas of poor coverage, and install the proper equipment to ensure the building meets life safety standards and codes.
“This is an exciting opportunity to work with partners like Arco; Ark Systems and Noovis, LLC. Our team worked closely with the Baltimore County Fire Department to implement a Public Safety BDA system for this massive facility,” said Power Design’s Director of DAS, Brian Lockwood. “Leveraging our partnerships and the impacts of our technology deployment at Amazon can set the standards for future facilities as the wireless communications industry continues to advance.” 
As a full-service MEP Contractor and Systems Integrator, Power Design has been operating coast-to-coast for more than 30 years, providing a wide range of services including Public Safety and Cellular DAS. To ensure your building is safe and connected, whether a new or existing, reach out now!