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    April 15, 2024

    A Campus of Construction and Creativity

    It may raise a few eyebrows — a construction company championing the arts? But Power Design shatters expectations, seamlessly blending art and construction to prove that hard hats and fine arts do make a striking pair. 


    Our campus is not just a place for multi-trade endeavors; it's a canvas where creativity takes shape in various forms. From the awe-inspiring “powering” murals spanning thousands of feet to sculptures and dynamic light fixtures, each piece reflects our eclectic culture and enhances our workspace. The art here is more than decoration — it’s a dialogue among creators, employees, and the community. 


    Murals of Inspiration:


    Becoming a staple on campus, our more than 11,000 feet of newly created murals that were designed by Power Design employees and painted by talented local artists embody our values and culture. The thousands of feet of murals, which include an Est. 1989 mural keeping the foundation of the company at the forefront and a Powering the Future call to action mural, were designed by Senior Graphic Designer Andrew Leuschke and painted by local artists, including another of Power Design’s own Justin Lundmark.



    DSC_0271 (1)

    Creating this mural was a profoundly rewarding experience. Every day, it stands as a reminder to everyone at Power Design that we are part of something greater, and our actions today are laying the foundation for the future. I'm grateful for the opportunity to include this project in my portfolio and be a part of a piece that will remain a part of the company for many years.

    Justin Lundmark | Senior Property Craftsmen | Power Design


    Check out how one of those murals, created by Andrew and painted by Justin, came together! 




    Being a part of these murals is a great accomplishment of mine and to be able to help inspire our PDI Family through them, and work alongside other talented artists to bring them to life is a humbling experience. Not only do these murals represent the company’s belief in creative people but they also represent Power Design itself perfectly – full of color and energy.

    Andrew Leuschke | Senior Graphic Designer | Power Design

    Thought-Provoking Artwork: 


    The murals aren’t the only creative works around campus! One of the most striking features on our campus is the iconic CRUSHED IT Kong, a towering gorilla sculpture that stands over 10 feet tall, symbolizing the strength and determination of our teams to excel in their projects. Similarly, the Women at Work spray-painted subway doors highlight Power Design's commitment to gender equality, showcasing the influential role of women in our company. 


    Another notable and inspiring work of art is the Portrait of America sculpture — a remarkable piece that used to call the Smithsonian home — that contains thousands of eyeglasses that magnify significant historical events and groundbreaking discoveries in the United States, connecting the past with our present endeavors. 


    The integration of art into our workplace does more than beautify the space — it inspires and promotes creativity among our teams. The presence of art provides daily inspiration and serves as a constant reminder of our community’s creativity, teamwork, and dedication. 



    Power Design

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