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    November 1, 2023

    A Winning Season with Wyndham Clark

    Months before professional golfer Wyndham Clark hoisted the U.S. Open Championship Trophy while wearing the Power Design logo on his blue polo, he crossed paths with Power Design’s CEO, Co-Founder, and golf aficionado Mitch Permuy, in a ProAm tournament. 


    After only a few swings, the similarities between Wyndham and our own #PDIFamily were hard to ignore. Mitch quickly realized Wyndham shared many of the same traits we value most in our people: passion, persistence, positivity, and a relentless pursuit of excellence on and off the course.  So naturally, when the opportunity to sponsor Wyndham at the Valspar Championship presented itself earlier this Spring, we were all in. 


    “We got to know him early on and he is an awesome young man. Wyndham couldn’t be more down to earth and pleasant to work with,” Mitch said. “He’s just a real good guy, and that's who we want representing us, because that's how we are.” 


     While the day-to-day lives of a professional golfer and multi-trade contractor may look drastically different, our shared values set the stage for what matters most: relationships that last. While this partnership may seem like an unlikely pairing, Power Design has a long history with the sport, as Mitch and many of our people have an avid love for the game of golf. Over the years, we have participated in countless golf tournaments in the name of charity, and this summer, more than 2,000 of our field team members and their families joined us for our Power Outage events at golf ranges across the country. Even our team members at headquarters get their practice in with a golf simulator on campus — all to say, supporting Wyndham and his #PLAYBIG mantra was a no-brainer. 


     During his first season with Power Design, Wyndham experienced the highest of highs — he won his first U.S. Tour Championship, joined Team USA at the Ryder Cup, and even made the front cover of Golf Digest where he shared his “why.”  


    Growing up in a competitive household, Wyndham had a passion for winning. From hearing stories about his parent's athletic careers in college to family ping pong tournaments, it was ingrained in him. This is where his #PLAYBIG motto came into play — Wyndham’s mother Lise, was his biggest cheerleader and encouraged him to play for something bigger than himself. Keeping this mindset helped him overcome trials and tribulations, including one that was life-changing for the Clark family. 


    Wyndham lost his mother to breast cancer in 2013, and has made it his mission to support the battle against breast cancer. The fight against breast cancer not only hits close to home for Power Design with many team members being impacted by breast cancer, including Chief Operating Officer Joe Micallef, but also Wyndham. The stars aligned when Wyndham visited the GRID just in time to join us at the American Cancer Society’s Making Strides  Breast Cancer Walk in Tampa, Florida.  


    During his visit to Tampa, Wyndham stopped by the GRID and saw a piece of the Power Design fun at our Halloween Costume Contest where he chose his own winners — playing his part in the spooktacular fun that was had. 


    Wyndham Clark CRUSHED his 2023 season, and we can’t wait to see him #PLAYBIG in 2024 while proudly wearing his Power Design polo. 

    Power Design

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