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    December 7, 2022

    SmartSpaces Case Study: Ritz Carlton Edition

    Imagine stepping into a home and the lights key up, the curtains rise to showcase an amazing view, and music gently begins to play. All entirely customized to your exclusive tastes and wants. That is what the Power Design SmartSpaces team creates for each unit buyer: a completely unique experience unlike any other.

    From climate, lighting, and window treatment automation to entertainment experience control and advanced wireless networking, we provide the ability for customers to control their personal space on a whole new level.

    SmartSpaces, a part of our holistic Systems Technologies division, offers an entire team of designers, architects, client coordinators, and project managers who work together and pool resources to ensure the project is completed with the utmost care.

    What we take pride in the most (and what we get complimented the most on) is our professionalism, our communication, and our response time.

    Ashley Woods |

    SmartSpaces Advisor

    From construction plans and designing to understanding how the buyers will utilize the spaces, our SmartSpaces team is involved in every aspect of the build. We are a trusted consultant to developers, general contractors, and interior designers and are able to simplify the integration of smart home features and systems technology into the units from day one. We ensure that throughout the entire process our clients’ needs and wants are seamlessly incorporated so when they walk into the finished unit for the first time they know there is no other like it.

    To see how Power Design’s Systems Technologies division is connecting and automating buildings to create seamless, unique experiences, click here.