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Power Design’s Systems Technologies division is connecting, optimizing, and automating our buildings to create experiences that are centralized, seamless, and intuitive for anyone in them. Through this four-part mini series, we are deep diving into the services and solutions that make up our Systems Technologies division.

Part of our Systems Technologies approach, we connect individuals, groups, and buildings with secure communication, information, and access through:

Telecommunications & Signal Amplification
Uninterrupted and secure communication is a must in this day in age. From reliable access to the internet to full service for phone calls to family and friends, we know how important keeping everyone connected is. That is why Power Design is focused on outcomes versus products as we tailor and design our solutions with clear, unbiased approach that expands possibilities into new realms.

Life Safety
There are many businesses that say they are experts in life safety technology, but Power Design has proven history in life safety expertise. Through fire alarm integration, mass notification, and alarm system monitoring, we possess the ability to provide varying types of approaches to integration to ensure the safety of everyone working and living within our buildings.

Security is always top of mind when creating new places where we work, live, and play. Access control, monitored door entry, integrated intercom system, video surveillance, and various alarm systems including duress alarm are only a few of the security systems our team can centralize, optimize, and simplify.

Our highly accomplished and agile team of experts provide unmatched quality and service to all of our projects. From our innovative partnerships between teams across the lifecycle of projects to our diversified experience and unmatched scale, our Systems Technologies division of Power Design remains on the forefront of innovation.

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