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    November 4, 2022

    Systems Technologies: Automation Solutions

    Power Design’s Systems Technologies division is connecting and automating our buildings to create experiences that are centralized, seamless, and intuitive for anyone in them. 

    Systems Technologies simplifies, unifies, and controls assets by automating solutions through building, energy, and SmartSpaces technology.

    Building and Energy Automation

    Our building and energy automation solutions seamlessly link smart equipment with smart buildings that can monitor themselves and optimize areas where they see wasted usage. The optimization from our building and energy automation gives our customers an advantage because they can leverage the vast amounts of data our holistic system provides to enhance the comfort and safety of those working and living in the buildings. Not only do our automation systems enhance comfort and safety, but they also lower the demand for energy and reduce costs overall for our clients. Our unique perspective allows us to look across scopes and trades within the building and provide the best solutions available.

    SmartSpaces Automation

    When designing a project, we focus both on building automation and bringing automation solutions into the way people will be using the areas within the buildings – creating SmartSpaces. Our unbiased, unique approach towards brands and design ensures specific needs are met for every project. Ranging from climate, lighting, and shade control to TV, music, and voice services distribution throughout a space, we provide the ability to control the environment around the user through the creation of SmartSpaces. Proactive designing of the SmartSpaces and prewiring our team provides as part of the Smart Spaces creation results in unified coordination from start to finish for any type of use – a hotel room, condo, bar or theater.

    Power Design continues optimizes costs and future-proofing your projects. Focused on outcomes versus products, we tailor and design our solutions with clear, unbiased approach that expands possibilities into new realms. From our innovative partnerships between teams across the lifecycle of projects to our diversified experience and unmatched scale, our Systems Technologies division of Power Design remains on the forefront of innovation.

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