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    July 11, 2023

    Safe and Connected: Public Safety and Cellular DAS

    Advantages of having an industry-leading multi-trade contractor be your Systems Technologies partner? There are many but majority of our partners continuously trust us with their systems' needs because of our vast construction knowledge that is combined with our 34-year tenure across trades and markets and is executed seamlessly through our dedicated and highly-skilled team members, including our Systems Technologies team.

    Part of our Systems Technologies team is our  DAS division which included our highly qualified DAS technicians, BIM technicians, and iBwave teams. Our DAS team has been more and more in demand due to the increased outside pressure for more  intricate DAS systems to provide more coverage and stability for all consumers.

    With more than 160 projects and over 17 states, our teams carefully curate each system for each project ranging from hotels and apartments to health care and educational facilities. With a wide range of knowledge across different market types, our teams stay up-to-date on all codes and requirements to ensure a seamless experience for our partners and consumers before, during, and after project installation.

    Here's a sneak peek of the Cellular and Public Safety DAS capabilities that set us apart set from the industry standard:

    • Ensuring proper integration with the design and installation process with our knowledge of national public safety codes, including NFPA, IFC, UL, and FCC
    • Providing future-proofed systems that match the evolution of technology and code requirements, like 5G and IoT 
    • Utilizing early coordination and planning keeping all stakeholders' needs in mind 
    • Providing additional services including: site surveys, cellular data collection, system design, commissioning, installation, and ongoing support

    No matter the project, our teams collaborate with one another using forward-thinking innovation and technology — making our #PDIFamily the perfect fit to get the job done.

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