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    November 18, 2022

    Advancing Opportunities for Women in the Trades

    In true Power Design fashion, we love a good reason to celebrate – especially when it’s in honor of our 300+ apprentices across the nation! But this year during National Apprenticeship Week, the Department of Employment Services (DOES) celebrated Power Design in Washington, D.C. for our workforce development efforts, specifically for future Women in Construction.

    Power Design’s Career Development Supervisor Katie Leonard and Workforce Development Project Executive Chris Riley proudly accepted the 2022 DOES Apprenticeship Recognition Award on behalf of Power Design. While we are proud recipients of back-to-back DOES apprenticeship awards, Power Design remains committed to continue growing the future of the D.C. workforce – one woman in construction at a time.

    This award is a true testament of inspiration for women entering the trades and hoping to grow. We at Power Design continue to encourage and empower women to join apprenticeship, so they one day can inspire others to do the same.

    Katie Leonard |

    Career Development Supervisor

    The festivities continued as Katie was invited to share her expertise on the DOES Roundtable panel: The Future is Female. Alongside three other panelists, Katie spoke to the importance of sparking young women’s interests in the trades and exposing them to non-traditional apprenticeship opportunities.

    Thank you to the DOES for a strong continued partnership and passion for growing the future of the D.C. workforce.

    Why Apprenticeship?
    Apprentices are able to fast track their trade career and practical skills by attending classes from virtually anywhere and receiving dedicated, paid, on-the-job training with successful, invested mentors. Every year, more young professionals join our apprenticeship program; today we are 300+ strong… and growing!

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