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    August 23, 2022

    Celebrating our Artists who Design Great Spaces

    Power Design is focused on delivering unique experiences for our people and our partners! We’ve been awarded a Great Place to Work by Fortune, Glassdoor, Energage, and others because of that focus on our culture, projects, and spaces where our teams work.

    With August being Artist Appreciation Month, we’re celebrating a few artists within our #PDIFamily that continue to deliver amazing and inspiring experiences through their work as professional artists — designing great places to work and live.

    Our team of certified, award-winning lighting designers come from varied backgrounds: interior design, theatrical design, engineering, and others; offering a balance of functional analysis and aesthetics.

    Check out their insights on lighting a space!
    •Functionally illuminate the space to reinforce architectural accents and zones, direct users through the space and towards the primary functions of a room
    •Layer the lighting to design moods. In a residence we can light for entertaining, reading, or winding down; in an office, we can energize productivity, draw focus to a presenter, or dim for A/V. There’s a lot of possibility—accomplished through careful product selection, zoning, and layering of lights.
    •Control daylight to optimize experiences and energy. You can develop different exposure settings that vary across the day and season—and ultimately make living, working, and owner budgets happy.

    Utmost respect and appreciation go out to Jeff Brown, Ashley Beeler, Sergio Taveras, Kelli Shaeffer, Dakota Williams, David Jacks, Jessica Nuez, and Sunday Purselley who make up our Lighting Design team and brighten up spaces and lives.

    Andrew Leuschke is a Senior Graphic Designer on our brand team. Since joining Power Design, he’s branded many of our spaces that leave a lasting impact on the people who use them.

    Check out Andrew’s insights on branding a space!
    Understand the brand and its distinctions and be sure to express that. For Power Design, we strike awe through our work, we work hard and focus on details, and we truly are one of a kind. I incorporate textures and many detailed surprise elements that express our work ethic, as well as our uniqueness.
    •Think outside the wall. Walk the space and think about how art can live everywhere—on the floor, the walls, ceilings, etc. And go BIG! Invest in unique materials to show the importance of spaces and messages, that will help users know their importance, and notice them every time they’re there.

    Cheers and praise to you Andrew, and to the many individuals with whom you have worked closely—visionaries like our Co-Chairman Dana Permuy, artists like BASK, and other designers and photographers.

    Mo Lelii is our in-house photographer and videographer who travels across the country, visiting job sites to capture our projects and our people working their magic. Mo’s work is on display in conference rooms, offices, and hallways at our Headquarters. His shots are printed 30 feet tall in our LINK facility, and seen in many other Power Design spaces.

    Check out Mo’s insights on branding a space!
    •Understand the vision of the brand, and look at your industry differently to express that. My vision was to show construction in a new light. Hoping people are amazed by the scale of these projects, and showcase our people as the heroes they truly are.
    •Be a daily inspiration and give meaning to the work—by displaying your people and projects in the spaces where they collaborate, you remind and inspire them of the ‘why’ and the end goal of a project.
    •Emotional Impact. Beyond my pride, some of the people shown my photography have been moved too—grabbing their friends and families to show it to them — it is a remarkable experience to have that kind of impact.

    Thank you Mo, for your hard work and talent, and in portraying our people and work in such a compelling way.

    Thanks to all the artists at Power Design who help empower, motivate, and create pride for our people!