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    May 10, 2024

    Creating Raving Fans: Our plusONE Experience

    What is a plusONE experience?  


    Power Design is an organization built on trusted relationships, and our Founder and CEO Mitch Permuy understood the significant impact that delivering an outstanding experience to our partners had on building those trusted relationships, and to keep that foundation of a trusted partner through future projects and opportunities.  That is how our plusONE Program came to life — led by Mitch wanting to ensure our future was built on trust and top-notch performances. 


    Our plusONE approach, inspired by the principles of the book Raving Fans, advocates for just 1% more investment in our customer engagements and seeing how that can transform business. For Power Design, that means maintaining constant communication with our people and our partners, closely monitoring job site progress, and proactively addressing everyone’s needs. Through our plusONE Experience Team, we keep an open line of communication between our headquarters in St. Petersburg, Florida, and our active job sites from coast-to-coast, ensuring we're delivering a seamless experience to our partners.  


    Our plusONE team performs check-in phone calls with our partners at the 30%, 60%, and 90% project completion status to check on both our field team and project management team, aiming to have a “Raving Fan” (a 5-star rating) after the call is over. What if they don’t reach that 5-star mark? We create an action plan specifically curated to that project and the specific issues that arose during the check-ins and will work through the issues until everything is resolved. 


    Director of plusONE Experience Mallory Beaton knows how important plusONE is to Power Design reaching our overall goals, as she’s been with the program from the start, and emphasizes our focus on long-term engagement rather than mere satisfaction.  



    We're assessing whether they would choose Power Design for their future projects. It's all about fostering relationships. The most rewarding aspect of plusONE is the positive feedback from our clients—when they confirm that Power Design stands true to its promises, it's a testament to our impact on the industry. Such endorsements showcase our leadership's deep commitment to both the company and its people.

    Mallory Beaton | Director of plusONE Experience


    Success Story of Creating a Raving Fan  

    Picture this: a customer initially dissatisfied with Power Design because they were accustomed to their preferred subcontractor and issues arose on the job site. Their dissatisfaction was not up to our standards, and something had to be done. After the feedback was received by the plusONE team, we meticulously gathered details to get to the heart of the problem and started implementing a solution.


    From meetings with our operations teams to making trips to the job site, we transformed our relationship with the customer within a week — from not getting a call back to exceeding their expectations with how things turned around on the job site.


    "The changes Power Design made were remarkable as soon as they heard about the issues we were having. There was an astronomical difference on the project within a week. The team not only swiftly crossed off numerous longstanding items from our critical issues list but were also better about communicating all their needs and changes. They really listened to what we needed and immediately changed their approach,” California Project Superintendent said. 


    And that’s how you take a customer from a detractor to a Raving Fan!  

    At Power Design, we’re committed to being the most trusted partner and keeping us one step ahead of the game for both our people and our partners, ultimately delivering a PlusONE experience for all. Now’s the time to join a next-level team like this one — apply here. 

    Power Design

    Our mission is to be the most trusted partner. With passion and accountability, we will deliver unmatched performance and a PlusONE experience. At Power Design we build more than just buildings - we build relationships that last.