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    October 1, 2016

    Earning Gold for Innovations in Technology

    The Constructech Vision Awards honor construction companies that have realized the advantages where construction and technology converge.

    This year’s Constructech Vision Awards recognized construction companies that have done something innovative with technology and successfully applied it to their everyday business. In a traditional industry like construction, the use of technology has become more prevalent in effort to help streamline processes and reduce waste.

    When Power Design first partnered with Egnyte, a file management and sharing platform, the goal was to bridge the gap between a centralized headquarters in Florida and hundreds of field employees across the country.

    “Prior to Egnyte, our file sharing system was flawed,” explained Taylor Precourt, IT Manager at Power Design. “When files such as marked up drawings or contracts were too large to share via email from the office to field employees, people adopted their own means. Departments were using their own cloud systems like dropbox or to share large files, with no company-wide consistency. Worst of all, our IT department couldn’t support these systems without everyone’s credentials,” continued Precourt.

    After an extended research period, Power Design’s IT team identified Egnyte as the best solve to their file sharing woes. “We made the decision based on our needs and functionality, and the fact that we are growing at such a rapid pace. We needed a platform that could handle more users for years to come,” said Precourt.

    Since launch, Power Design and Egnyte have deemed the partnership a great success. “By empowering our employees with Egnyte’s open platform…we have been able to enhance our workflows, centralize our project files, and unify our teams out on the jobsite to make sure we stay true to the commitments we make to our customer,” said Raghu Kutty, Power Design’s Director of IT.

    “We have a best-in-class product that is enabling our customers to do great things,” added Colin Jordan from Egnyte. “By winning this award, Power Design showed the construction world a unique use case for Egnyte. Other companies will take note and realize that they too can innovate/build something great for their company.”

    We needed a platform that could handle more users for years to come

    Taylor Precourt

    IT Release Manager