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    September 6, 2023

    Foreman Focus: Leaving a Mark on D.C.

    One thing that Rahsaan Rashid, one of Power Design’s Electrician FOTs, knew when it came to his career was that whatever he was going to pursue he wanted to do it in his hometown of Washington, D.C.



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    I wasn't comfortable leaving. I couldn't really leave where I'm from.

    Rahsaan Rashid | Electrician FOT

    Rahsaan dabbled in a few different industries within the city, including working in the IT field, before finding Power Design and starting where most of our tradesmen start – as an apprentice. 


    “My brother led me to Power Design and told me it was a good company. But I had never done construction – I didn’t even know how to use a drill at the time,” Rahsaan said. “But I was trying to make a career for myself. I was trying to make something for myself.”  


    After joining Power Design as an apprentice through our IEC Chesapeake partnership in 2017, he quickly realized the hard work and dedication it took to become a licensed electrician. “My first day on the job, I was so lost and nervous. I’d never seen anything like it before. I was in a foreign country.”  


    Though it was a tough transition from the IT world into the construction world, Rahsaan was determined to continue the path he started with Power Design in D.C.  


    “The first year was stressful but by my fourth year, I was understanding what I was doing and how things worked together on the job site,” Rahsaan said. “It was an adjustment but I’m not a quitter, so I kept going, trying to elevate myself and my skills. I wanted to focus on the experience and learn how Power Design worked.” 


    Rahsaan graduated from the apprenticeship program in 2020 and became a licensed electrician with our Mid-Atlantic team where he has worked on several projects, including currently a 388-unit high rise in the NoMa District of D.C. Over the past few years, he credits his success and continued development to many of his mentors that pushed him to be his best, including Superintendent Marcus Carter. “Marcus was a big mentor to me because he was more so a voice for me as I made a name for myself with the company. He really set the tone for me to get to where I’m at now.”  


    Where's Rahsaan at now? He's making sure Power Design continues to make a mark in his hometown of D.C. because he sees the difference his company can make in his community through its workforce development. 


    “It is great to see that Power Design is everywhere in the city. It makes me happy to be a part of the Power Design family,” Rahsaan said. “They are giving a lot of people that don’t have many opportunities here in D.C. the chance to come into Power Design and have the ability to provide for their family. Power Design is empowering the local workforce with a better career path and a career with longevity. You won’t find no other company here that will give you this opportunity like Power Design.” 

    Hear from Rahsaan himself on how Power Design has empowered him and why he believes Power Design is a staple in the D.C. community.  



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