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    October 27, 2020

    Bringing West Coast vibes to the East through Lighting Design

    With The Sur officially open in Arlington, VA, you can see the hard work of our lighting design team in every element of the exterior amenity spaces. Inspired by the rustic charm and majestic scenery of Big Sur, California, this design is intended to capture “a pure sense of natural serenity.”

    A quarter-acre of unique space includes a connecting area called the “Via”. It features green living walls illuminated with grow lamps, bare tree trunks lit from below to highlight their grandeur, and a fiber optic ceiling boasting over 2,000 points of twinkling light to mimic clear California skies. All individually installed by Power Design, the grow lights on the green walls automatically turn off at night, creating an energy efficient and intimate space.

    This mixed-use high rise will feature almost 10,000 sq ft of retail space and 488 residential units.

    Congrats to our lighting design team on creating another tastefully designed project to add to our portfolio!