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    April 27, 2023

    ILLUME-inating the Nation’s Capitol

    Notice anything new illuminating the skyline east of the river? It’s ILLUME — a beaming new hotel and residential complex in southeast D.C.

    Standing 12 stories high and housing 904 units, this design build project features unique lighting experiences throughout, all of which were carefully crafted by Power Design’s in-house lighting design team who turned our partners’ brilliant vision into reality.

    Picture this: inspired by a 1900s cruise ship and passenger train car, you enter ILLUME and are guided by lights that funnel you through the corridors. It doesn’t stop at the interiors though — each building is connected by illuminated glass bridges with access to the rooftops and amenities with a perfect view of the Capitol Building.

    To fully understand the vision and execution of ILLUME’s lighting needs, we sat down with the expert behind this masterpiece: Power Design’s Senior Lighting Designer Kelli Shaeffer.

    We had a lot of fun and got creative with this project, but it required all hands on deck and dedicated cross-team collaboration.

    Kelli Shaeffer |

    Senior Lighting Designer


    From concept to installation, Power Design takes a holistic approach to lighting up skylines and ultimately creating seamless experiences for our partners. Aligned with our partners’ vision, our award-winning lighting team designs not only for aesthetics but also with budget optimization in mind. By collaborating with our friends at Power Design Resources (PDR) and our distribution and prefabrication center — the LINK — we continue Designing What’s Next.




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