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    March 20, 2023

    Lighting Up the D.C. Skyline: Buzzard Point

    Our Power Design light is shining through at Buzzard Point — the newest high-rise addition to Washington, D.C.’s southwestern skyline. All hands were on deck for this design build project from our mechanical, electrical, and engineering teams to the individuals that illuminate our skylines: Power Design’s lighting design and fixture experts.

    Our award winning in-house lighting design team is strategic in their design and selections to provide unique experiences throughout the building while also ensuring the functionality, and environmental and safety standards are kept as high priority.

    We got the inside scoop on Buzzard Point from Senior Lighting Designer Sergio Taveras who designed the lighting throughout the building with his team and is proud to have his name stamped on this project.

    There is a rhythm to the lighting locations — they dance with the interior design and architecture. All of our lighting layouts are intentional and have a purpose.

    Sergio Taveras |

    Senior Lighting Designer


    Lights, camera, action — take a walk through Buzzard Point and watch our lighting designs come to life below.