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    August 20, 2021

    Innovation in Action: Luna MEP Solutions

    Power Design is excited to be partnering with North American Properties on Luna, an upscale apartment complex in Viera, Florida that was created using WELL Standards. These standards measure and verify a buildings’ impact on the health of its residents, which resulted in designing all 245 units to include anti-virus, anti-allergen ionization systems within the HVAC systems. Luna aims to attract young professionals and mature residents with an amenity- rich and work-from-home environment, tailored to accommodate the post-pandemic “new normal.” Power Design is playing an integral part in supporting this landscape by installing said filtration systems while making breakthrough developments during the MEP process.

    Power Design’s involvement in Luna was born out of a need to simplify the MEP coordination process and produce innovative, durable results.

    A solution was needed to clean up all three disciplines, which is probably a big reason North American Properties brought us on for full MEP Design Build. So, we innovated completely new methods.

    John Wood

    Senior Mechanical Engineer

    North American Properties’ decision to partner with us on Luna lead to the development of our novel method to overcome grouping MEP together by utilizing Power Design pre-assembled sleeves. This breakthrough paved the way for our direct coordination with precast manufacturer, Metromont Corporation. The result? Power Design becoming the first ever subcontractor to put PREFAB Sleeving assemblies in their precast systems!

    In addition to designing how to best integrate MEP within Metromont’s unique “Metrodeck,” Power Design’s breakthrough saved installation time and aided in the visual aesthetic. This proprietary solution was brought to life by our mechanical engineers, operations, pre-fabrication, and pre-construction teams— all of which are proud of the work that went into coordinating with the architect.

    Innovative, breakthrough development to solve a problem is what makes Power Design different; we encourage thoughtful, creative, and inspirational ideas—ideas that in this case, allow construction of the trades to move forward much smoother. Because of our early (and impactful) contributions, Power Design is now the Luna Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, and Systems contractor. If you’re looking to work for one of the most innovative companies in the industry, click to apply.